Beth Hernandez - Director

Beth came on board as Chooda's Director in 2017.  She has over 10 years of experience working in public health and for non-profit organizations through project management, program planning, and policy.  She served as a Health Reform Communications Manager at Alameda County Health Care Services Agency and a Program Analyst at the Alameda Health Consortium.  Her specific interest is in expanding health access in low-income communities.  To see more about her professional background, please see her LinkedIn profile.  

Beth began cycling in 2006. As a four-time national champion, 2-time Pan American Champion, and World Cup medalist, she raced with Team USA from 2012-2016 and was a reserve rider for the Olympic team. Although retired from racing, Beth enjoys staying involved in the sport through coaching and volunteering with high schoolers with her husband at the local Hellyer Velodrome.  For more information on Beth's cycling career, please see her website.  

Beth is looking forward to be working at an organization with such an exciting mission -- combining her passion for public health with cycling.  You can send Beth an email here.