It is a country filled with beautiful people, who will do any for you and expect nothing in return except a warm handshake and a smile, one in six kids are orphaned and 16 percent of the population has HIV/AIDS.

It is a country of amazing scenic beauty, exotic wildlife and unbelievable sunsets, yet the countryside is being raked of trees as people struggle to obtain fuel for cooking.

It is a country where life is simple and amassing material possessions is unimportant, yet the outside world is introducing cell phones, cars and development in an uncontrolled manner.

I am still processing everything that I have experienced after visiting the beneficiaries of our fundraising, cycling across the country, talking with the Zambian people in the local villages, and experiencing its nature beauty at a remote bush camp and Victoria Falls.

I went to Zambia to give the country my help and financial support, but I am returning feeling that the people of Zambia give me more in return. They showed me that true happiness is not amassing material possessions, but it is the people, the simple things in life and the natural beauty around you that is most important.

Chooda, Bike Zambia’s parent organizational mission is supported by three distinct goals:

– Creating meaningful, transformative personal experiences for participants.
– Raising awareness and support of social issues through fundraising, acts of service, and community collaborations with our beneficiaries.
– Encouraging activism by creating an umbrella under which inspired and empowered participants can go on to create change in their own communities and in the world at large.

My participation in Bike Zambia has done all of this for me and more. I hope that you as donors and particpants in the program can experienced the goals as well.

Thank you for being a part of this process. You have made it possible to raise over $165,000 this year and over five years Bike Zambia has raised over $750,000.