With a mix of excitement and regret to be finishing the ride, the team embarked on our last day of cycling into Livingstone. Compared to the majority of our +100 kilometer days, the 60 kilometer ride felt like a walk in the park and brought us into the city before noon.

Before heading to the falls, the group made a stop at Maramba Health Clinic to see the work of one of our beneficiaries, CIDRZ (Centre for Infectious Disease Research in Zambia). As the clinic was very busy seeing patients, our visit and tour, though short, was very insightful and important for the group to see first-hand. The clinic, with only one physician and a staff of several counselors and nurses, sees well over a hundred patients each day. In addition to HIV/AIDS care, the clinic concentrates heavily on maternal care and tuberculosis. Within the HIV/AIDS initiatives, the clinic sees patients regularly for HIV testing, counseling, and close treatment monitoring – especially for the prevention of mother to child transmission.

After our visit to the clinic, riders regathered for lunch and prepared to cycle our last 10 km to Victoria Falls. After 7 long, difficult days of riding, the team earned a wonderful celebratory finish, crossing the bridge overlooking the falls and toasting at the mid-point – also the border between Zambia and Zimbabwe! We then took the foot path even closer to the falls to become thoroughly soaked by the mist and rewarded with the most beautifully vivid rainbow imaginable. And if the excitement of arriving at Victoria Falls were not enough, a few riders chose to get an additional adrenaline rush by jumping off the bridge for the bungee or gorge swing – a not-so-mere 111 meter drop!