With today’s ride came some milestones.  The route itself was not furthering the team along our way to Livingstone, but instead was a small detour to see the beautiful countryside of Zambia – ending at the shores of Lake Kariba.

The team completed our longest day of riding yet, 110 kilometers. Our youngest rider, Mitch (9 years old) broke his 100 kilometer mark on the trip as a whole – coming on some of the hilliest legs of the ride today and doing a fabulous job keeping up with everyone (or even beating some of us to the top!). He’s excited to continue tackling some more legs of the ride with just a couple more riding days until we reach Livingstone.

The morning started off pleasant enough, with some amazing, long downhills winding through the valley. During the afternoon, though, our wonderful trip doctor, Heidi, was forced to put her skills to use with a few minor injuries – including some stitches and knee wrapping. Good to know we’re all well looked after on the road!

At the end of the day, the team was happy to arrive at the lake and relax on the rocks by the water. If only we were able to take a dip and cool down – too bad we were sitting right next to a “Beware of the Crocodiles” sign! We then all piled back onto our bus for a return transfer to Choma.