Monze - Choma approximately 117km

After yesterday’s rock and sand filled roads we were THRILLED to find ourselves completely on tarmac today. While “flat” might not be the word to describe the terrain, the hills provided amazing views that made the climbs worth climbing.

After a few lovely rest stops and a fantastic lunch of pasta salad and a local Zambian dish of sweat potatoes and peanut butter (trust me, there is nothing better in the middle of a long ride). We rode to a small handicrafts shop where we were able to purchase local crafts. From there it was a quick trip to Choma where we, once again, visited our favorite “big ball museum” (Choma District Museum) and treated ourselves to lattes and stopped at a grocery for necessities. 

A few short kilometers later we made it to our very first LODGE! Soft beds, warm showers (with only one other person to share it with!) and World Cup Soccer eased the pain in our butts (no joke, our butts hurt a lot.) and a fantastic dinner followed by bread pudding filled our tummies. After two hard, hard days we’re very much looking forward to tomorrows long downhills and a rest day by Lake Kariba.