Dirt, dirt and more dirt. 

Today was the longest of our dirt road days. Sand, huge rocks and potholes made the day a huge challenge, but the villages, views and locals made every inch worth the effort. 

There is no single experience that matches riding your bike down unmapped Zambian roads. No amount of uneven road can take away the joy that comes with huge groups of children running to the road when they see you coming. Before you know it you’re surrounded on all sides by smiling faces. Hugs, handshakes, smiles and high fives are just the physical manifestation of the absolute joy that radiates from these kids. Riding away from that is hard to do, but makes the next few bumpy kilometers feel like riding on clouds. Or at very least, smooth roads. 

The sand was formidable, the rocks were terrifying, but eventually we made our way to Monze town where we were able to stop and buy treats! Cookies, chips, sodas and ice creams were purchased and all were happier for it.

Our new campsite provided a small bar with cold beer and postcards, our outdoor kitchen once again provided an incredible meal of meatballs (for the meat eaters) mashed potatoes and veggies, banana filled pancakes (crepes) with custard for dessert and warm water showers! What more could a group of tired, aching and hungry cyclists ask for?