Following a 6:30 departure time a bus transfer outside of the busy Lusaka city streets, the team regrouped and prepared for our first full day of riding. And a full day it was planned to be, with a solid 108 kilometers to start us off. As this day was part of the updated route since Bike Zambia 2012, the whole crew was is for a brand new ride and a whole new surprise of just how hilly Zambia can get!

Nonetheless, riders headed out with high enthusiasm and spirit for their first encounter with rural Zambian villages. We had some wonderful stops along the route including a roadside Zambian dance party, a baboon troop sighting, some spectacular baobab trees, and of course some long visits with locals along the route (note to future riders: Tom’s Polaroid camera = huge hit!)

Finally, with the day quickly fleeting, riders continued on a few last hilly legs of the ride – getting their first taste of the challenge behind Zambian cycling with a not so meager 884 meters of climbing! But with every uphill there was a beautiful winding downhill, and most riders triumphantly cycled the entire route to our end point in Siavonga – and just in time to see the miraculous sunset.