After hours of flying around the world, Bike Zambia riders finally found themselves in the same location for the first time on Thursday afternoon! A quick stop at ShopRite for groceries and toiletries and a quick lunch at Spur, we braved Lusaka traffic to make our way to our new (temporary) home at Eureka Lodge. Before our vehicles could even park we saw Zebras!

We enjoyed a wonderful dinner cooked by Sean and his amazing team, had a couple beers at the Eureka Lodge Bar, caught up on our World Cup Soccer (go Portugal! and also, sorry guys. You’ll get ‘em next year.) and finally washed off our plane rides. By the time we were ready for bed, we were READY for bed. 

Friday morning it was off to Misisi Catchment area. We were fortunate enough to be invited to visit the homes of three students who attend the school run by the Sishemo Education Trust and meet their families. As usual the kids wanted nothing more than to be near us and hold our hands. High fives were hugely popular, and they LOVE seeing photos of themselves.

A quick drive to Sishemo and it was time for songs and games! The kids at Sishemo are always lovely and sing us such wonderful songs. Groups of riders were able to learn Zambian games, read books to young students in the library and assist in preparation of lunch in the kitchen Bike Zambia built!

From there we made our way to the World Bicycle Relief for our bike build! The wonderful gentlemen in charge of WBR took the time to share their mission, their processes and their handiwork with our eager to learn cyclists. In record time we were test driving the bikes we built with our own two hands.

We're so excited to visit more beneficiaries tomorrow before we head out on our bike ride!