Chooda is committed to promoting the health and well-being, economic stability, and sustainable development of countries abroad by investing into local organizations working in HIV/AIDS, global health, women’s empowerment, and economic development.  Chooda's funding provides resources to small and large organizations, some of which would not otherwise have access to international funding. 

Chooda accomplishes this by organizing events in which program participants not only solicit donations and grants, but also visit these programs, meeting staff, and seeing first hand how the work is done.  It is the aim of Chooda for program participants to become lifelong ambassadors and benefactors of the organizations they meet.

In its work, Chooda aims to:

  • Empower our participants - Through these events, our participants experience critical awareness around the world's challenges, encouraging them to have a future life of service. Additionally they learn the spirit of philanthropy through vital grants awarded to various programs, and by paying it forward to the next years participants, so that they too will engage and benefit from these life changing experiences.
  • Work with local partners - Chooda partners with local organizations that improve the health and well-being in the fight against HIV/AIDS and strive toward economic empowerment of women and girls.  Working with local partners ensures culturally appropriate programing and supports the local economy.
  • Create Sustainable Partnerships - Chooda creates long-term relationships with organizations in order to have a meaningful impact in communities.
  • Build Global Connection - Chooda offers experiences to visit the places participants support with the aim to create a community of lifelong advocates for organizations and regional issues.